Stroke by Stroke (2019)
performative installation

Before the vernissage I spend three nights in the exhibition-room. Sitting in the same spot every night I light matches. One by one I let them burn down a bit, then extinguish them and throw them on the floor. The result is a pile of burned matches that refers to my nightly activity.

Transference (2019)

A completely bare snowberry bush is hung with the berries of still fruit bearing shrubs. A wire is attached to the harvested berries. Then they are fixed to the branches at the places where the fruit once hung.
Rain Canopy (2018)
participatory installation

On the terrace of a bar, a rain canopy is set up. However, this canopy does not protect against rain, on the contrary, under this canopy it rains permanently. Visitors can still enjoy their drinks under it without getting wet if they use the provided umbrellas.
Stand Alone (2018)
object, 80 x 40 x 42 cm

I sit on a chair. With a rasp in each hand I work on the chair legs, until the chair cracks.

Weekly Report (2017)
Cyanotype on seven aquarelle papers, 
each 56 x 42 cm

The picture series „Weekly Report“ consists of seven „Daily Reports“. For each Daily Report I stood motionless on a piece of paper. Because the paper was brushed with a light-sensitive chemical solution the imprint of my feet and the shadows of my body emerged. Even though I repeated this procedure everyday, slight deviations occur between the Daily Reports because it is impossible to repeat the same procedure in the exact same manner.

Lying Beautifully (2016)

I lay in the gras everyday, for a couple of hours. At the vernissage one could clearly see the imprint of my body in the gras, it gradually faded away.
Stretched Tension (2016)

Five monitors are placed in a room, you can watch only one of them at once. Each monitor shows a video of a vase standing in front of a white wall. A string is wrapped thightly around the vase until the tension makes it break.

Ad Nauseam (2015)
video, 39 hours

A dam is being built in a stony mountain creek. The construction takes place for six hours daily over the course of one week. While the natural flow of the stream is changed, it is impossible to stop the water from flowing. Even though the dam is gets bigger and bigger with…

Passageways (2015)
participatory object, 250 x 299 x 201,5 cm

The free standing room consisting of four walls and six inward opening doors. The room‘s size is so small that the doors hit and jam each other when you open them. Depending on the position of the doors towards each other different passages form through the room.
Summer Holiday (2014)
performative installation

Over a period of one week I was inflating air mattresses. Out of the air-filled mattresses a tower was build. By the end of the exhibition it reached the ceiling of the room. Resulting from the constant increase of air mattresses the appearance of the scenery would steadily change. Passerby and onlookers could either come into the room or watch my action through a display window.
The Final Polish (2014)
object, 80 x 40 x 42 cm

I sit on a chair with sandpaper attached to the back of my legs. While sitting on the chair I squirm around for hours. The movement leaves an impression of my body on the seating surface.

Wall-Piece (2013)

A wall-piece is embraced by strings. In the interior the strings run parallel to each other and cover a part of a door-notch. Outdoors all the strings run together in one point.
The Embracement keeps two doors from being closed. Therefore the installation has to be destroyed in the end of the day.
Is it Necessary? (2013)

Six persons are running into the walls of an empty white room. If the performers bump into a wall they bounce back, just to run against another wall.
The viewer can enter the room through a door. Thereby, he is placed amid the action taking place.

Oneironaut (2012)
video, 5:27 min

Floating balloons placed in a swimming pool. A woman is walking around at the ground of the pool grabbing one balloon after another. She is getting oxygen by breathing in the air filled balloons.
Blind Spot (2012)

There are six projections of a woman who is turning her head and body to see a spot on her back which she is not able to see. Every projection is placed on a black canvas and shows the woman from a different point of view. The viewer has to move through the installation to see all the different projections and to compare them with each other.
Not Looking Forward (2011)

I move along the street in a box made of two chipboard. The boards wont let me take normal steps, they also block my view to the front, so I have to look sideways at the floor to orient myself.

Bothy (2011)
in cooperation with Orell

A bothy was build around a bench with sea view. The hut was placed in a way that even though it provides shelter from wind and weather it obstructed the view of the sea. Instead when sitting on the bench one now looks at a wooden wall.

n(n-1)/2 (2010/11)
video, 05:20 min

A woman connects the trees in a forest with strings with each other. Bit by bit, an entanglement of strings is produced. For the performer connecting the strings it is getting harder and harder to get through the entanglement.

Pulling the Strings (2010)
in cooperation with Lisa Langeder
video, 02:13 min

You can see a room with a lot of clothes and objects lying around. The clothes and objects are attached to strings which are pulled to move everything into closets until the room is tidy.

With Hammer and Chisel (2010)

A woman was cast up to her knees in a block of gypsum. During the performance she freed herself from the block by using hammer and chisel.

A woman walked with five books on the back of her head through Düsseldorf city centre. The books were placed in a way that only allowed the person to walk in a bent position.

A woman pressed one site of her body against a wall while circling it – for about two hours.

A person dragged an aerated concrete block through Kiel. At the beginning the stone left a clear white line that became less and less visible as the stone got smaller.

Under the Surface (2008/09)

A woman is putting her head in the water to speak but instead of hearing what she says you only hear the bubbles which come out of her mouth.

Cubic Growth (2008)

For the performance a continuous growing sculpture was presented. It started with a small balloon witch grew steadily by putting paper-mâché and plaster on it.
At the last day of the exhibition as planned the ball did not fit through the gallery door anymore. Thus it had to be destroyed.

II (2008)
video, 06:04 min

The video shows a woman who tied stones to the joints of her limbs with cords to pull them along the beach. The special interest was the change of posture while moving. As the hole body is moving forward the arms are moving backward.