Wischermann, Angelika, 2016

In: "meanwhile...", S.36-37

Related works: Stretched Tension

Building up pressure, turn for turn, with my complete power. It´s so easy to break a vase – just let it fall. But when you wrap a string around it, little by little, the vase becomes very stable because of its round form and the uniform pressure.

I circle around the vase in front of a small white wall, the string slides from the roll through my fingers and begins to encompass the vase, more an more. The act of wrapping the string around it takes great effort; at the end of each round the string has to be pulled as tight as possible with both hands. In this way, the pressure on the vase gradually increases until it beaks in the end. With some vases I sometimes hear a cracking and crushing before they break; others break quite suddenly and without warning.